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The unisex UFO Pants are universally popular. Their make is unique in that 35 percent of it is cotton and 65 percent is pure polyester. This makes them compatible with the washing machine in that they cannot get spoilt for being washed by a machine. When you wear these UFO jeans they feel very comfortable. The UFO brand of clothing has been there for a long time but still remains to be one of the best worldwide.

UFO pants are for everyone, and they deliver a comfortable fit for one’s body. If you are interested in getting one, then you are in the right place.

What are UFO pants?

These are pants that are known to be perfect for raving, hop dancing, music festival wear, as well as hanging out. These pants are made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester, the most exciting thing about them is that a machine can wash them. Once you wear this type of pants, you will not want to wear anything else, and this is because they are very comfortable.

Where can I buy UFO pants?

UFO pants can be bought from any cloth store near your area. And if you would like to make online purchases, then you can as well find it from Amazon, eBay and many other online stores available. Before buying one, you have to remember that because of their unbelievable comfort, you may desire to abandon all your other clothes.

What group wore UFO pants?

Hop dancers and ravers generally wore UFO jeans and pants. However, these days, anyone can wear it just as another cloth in their closet. There is no specific group that is supposed to wear them, the can be worn by women, men, and children, and they are available in any size.

What are other pants like UFO?

Cargo pants are like UFO pants, hop dancers can also wear them, and just like UFO pants, they are also unisex. They can also be used as rave pants by ravers.

How to shrink UFO pants?

When you order your UFO pant online, on arrival, you may notice that they are huge, and the thought of shrinking them may come to your mind. While the substantially polyester will shrink, you can choose to take them on the Lunar Laundromat.

UFO pants do they restock when they run out?

Just like any other product, when they run out, they are always restocked. This is to make sure that there is a continuous supply of these pants to customers. By clicking on the notify me when available, you will be able to buy it once it is available.

How to turn UFO pants into a backpack?

Your first step should be laying it on a flat and even surface with the ass side up. Pulling strings through the buttonhole found in the pocket pleats should be your next step. The right leg should then be folded at the knee, and this is to make sure that its ankle is near its waist. The ankle drawstring should then be tied through the loop that in the waistband. You can then slip your arms through the straps that have been created. You should make sure that your pants waist is near your neck, the ankles at your shoulder and the legs under your arms.

UFO Pants for the coolest kids in town

They are the coolest pants out there. And there’s no reason for any kid to not love them. Be it the colours, the way they look so easy on any body type or just the comfort factor, UFO pants for kids are garnering some serious attention in the fashion business too. This is because they are everything you can possibly ask for in pants for your kids. We bring you the best styles in these pants and ensure you get nothing but the best quality.

What makes UFOs stand out?


The best part is, these are too cool to be put under different sections. You can have them for girls and boys both. So once your daughter grows out of them, the son can wear them too. Take for instance our Kids Unisex UFO pants which are available in all sizes and a perfect shape.

Prints & Colours

We have everything from Kids UFO Basic pants in orange to blue coloured prints. These are colours that last longer even if the kids make them all dirty. These prints are especially made to ensure that even as kids play around they don’t dirty them completely.


These are pants them come with drawstrings and elastic on the waist. This makes them wearable and easy to carry too. These are made in perfect colours which are strong but keep the material soft still. You can choose from a variety of options we have here.

UFO pants FAQ’s

Questions from our customers about UFO Pants. All you need to know.

Are these available for all sizes?

These are easily available for any size between 4-12. You can simply choose from the sizes available online or get in touch with us for exact measures.

How long lasting is the fabric?

This is not something we are bragging about. All the stuff you see with us comes in the best quality fabric and is easy washable too.

Will the prints leave colours behind once washed?

This is not going to happen unless mentioned specifically on the product. You must follow the instructions to washing them properly and there will be no issues.

What is the refund policy?

You can read about it in detail here (link to their refund or privacy policy). We can exchange the product once the reason of return adheres to the conditions laid thereby.

Get the most comfortable wear for your kids and make them fall in love with some trendy pants. These are not just convenient but save you the trouble of them getting cranky about their outfits. They work perfectly in all seasons and are perfect for travel plans. Find out more about the details of what we offer, here.

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